Clippings #4 – more comments!

Nice new moody cover photo on Clippings #4. Is the herb sage? (Makes me think of that steamed pudding with onion, sage and bacon in the middle; very more-ish).

Particularly like moments 6 (weird how they can turn up so close like that) and 10 (with autumn already felt – so familiar).

Very evocative (atmospheric) opening to the excerpt. The whole is vividly alive, with Otta’s experience in the glade of what seems to be an almost religious intensity. Great contrast between the concrete world, however beautiful it is in its autumnal shades, and the powerful presence without physical shape. Altogether tantalising. Nice poetry too! The repetition of “I am the one” has a mesmerizing effect, the all enveloping.

Dragon Wind and Grey Matter (back page) are good too.

These comments are from Penny Sylvester in England.
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