Taste – 3

Lindisfarne Mead; sweetness of honey with the fire of alcohol, syrupy, biting, warming, relaxing
© Freya Pickard 2012
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4 Comments on “Taste – 3”

  1. julespaige Says:

    It gets a little harder to enjoy food when some of it doesn’t agree with you. I’ve found that I like less canned and pre-packaged foods. I’ve also read that certain dyes and additives can cause headaches.
    I still have a favorite few that I probably shouldn’t eat at all…but a few bites now and then…

    • I know – I’ve cut out practically all processed food from my diet except for the occasional tin of sweetcorn or tomatoes in winter… I’ve found it’s actually cheaper to buy fresh and do all the prep yourself – I loathe pre-prepared meals – they upset my stomach badly…

  2. SolariC Says:

    I was looking over your blog and noticed your four ‘taste’ entries. I have to say: you have an enviable talent for describing food in a mouth-watering way, even in just a few words. I want to try all the things you describe!

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