Wednesday Words – a small stone gatherer

Today I am visiting Teri Hoover’s blog at small stone gatherer
Teri is a photographer who more recently has started playing around with words. Her observations and poetry are detailed, like her photography.
One of my favourite pieces by Teri can be found at separations
Chirping, on either side of the double yellow line.
Unseen birds stay connected.
The piece is so simple yet effective and the photograph that goes with this stone is simple too – a road leading into the distance with the yellow line running down the middle. To me this stone evoked thoughts of communication and distance.
Why not visit Teri’s blog and see her words and photographs for yourself…
© Freya Pickard 2012
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4 Comments on “Wednesday Words – a small stone gatherer”

  1. JulesPaige Says:

    How lovely to find two wonderful friends in the same place, three if I count that like up there! Lucky me!

  2. tmhHoover Says:

    Freya-what a delight and an honor to be featured here. You have reminded me that it is time to get back to writing small stones. Thank-you.

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