Wednesday Words – Excerpt from Circle Spinner

Welcome back to Elizabeth Baxter’s Bite Sized Blog Tour…
An excerpt from “Circle Spinner And Other Tales” by Elizabeth Baxter…
The circle spinner reached out with trembling hands and flipped the body onto its back. She gasped. Her dogs whined.
The man’s limbs were stiff, but not from rigor mortis. No, this man had been frozen by fear. Whatever he’d seen in his final moments had caused his mouth to stretch in a silent howl and his fingers to curl like talons, clawing at the earth as if escape lay that way. But there had been no escape. Not for this man, alone beyond his circle.
The circle spinner gently closed the man’s eyelids. A simple gesture, but as her fingers brushed his cold skin, the tiny spark of hope she had nutured during her long journey fluttered and went out.
Perhaps they were wrong, she had told herself. Perhaps the threat is exaggerated. Perhaps I won’t be needed after all.
Foolish thoughts. The Pantheon had killed this man, which meant her trial was just beginning.
Stupidly, she had believed herself safe, forgotten by the Perimeter. She had lived alone with her dogs in a tiny house on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic. She had raised chickens and goats. A simple life. Her life. Safe within her circle, she had thought her work was over.
If you would like to find out more about Elizabeth Baxter and her writing, please visit Small Blonde Hippy Next week I will be reviewing “Circle Spinner And Other Tales”.
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3 Comments on “Wednesday Words – Excerpt from Circle Spinner”

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  2. SolariC Says:

    Ooh, I find this extract incredibly enticing. I’d love to read more!

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