Seed – 5

And when the pale shoots break free of the soil, the cluster of leaves, the growing tip points downwards, even though it grows towards the sun. How can it see where it’s growing? Maybe it doesn’t need to. Maybe it just does it by feel, by instinct. What is my instinct? To write, whatever, whenever, however…
© Freya Pickard 2012
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7 Comments on “Seed – 5”

  1. Let it all out. That is when the muse is at its best. 🙂

  2. SolariC Says:

    Maybe the leaves point down to indicate the roots where the leaves get their life. And by extending that analogy to writing, perhaps that means we also have to acknowledge our roots as writers, even if they reach into painful memories.

  3. you have created a whole new world around a simple burst of life ! wonderful posts….why don’t you add a picture with your each post…it will be beautiful I guess…

    • thank you for your lovely comment! the reason I don’t include photos is that there is still uncertainty about whether or not corporate companies will still be allowed to steal pictures from blogs (not websites) and not have to pay for them…! so I’m being careful!

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