Wednesday Words – Claudia Messelodi – Sky-blue Wisteria Reviewed

Welcome back to the final day of Claudia Messelodi’s Bite Sized Blog Tour…
Refreshing. Relaxing. Inspiring. This is how this book of poetry makes me feel.
It’s small. It’s short. It’s beautifully written. It’s a re-readable poetry collection that never ceases to intrigue.
It was lovely to read poems I’d read previously in EoTE and used myself in Clippings. And it was wonderful to read totally new poems that opened up fresh vistas in my mind’s eye. Claudia’s poetry focuses on nature, everyday life and the spiritual. In this collection she takes the reader on a journey through the four seasons using her poetic observations to inspire and delight.
The poet’s use of haiku is precise, conjuring up vivid images. The title poem is a haiku sequence exploring the relationship between wisteria and human beings. The images she conveys are colourful and evocative.
Celestial light blue
Shoots – skimming but not lapsing
Over frothy sins.
To me, this indicated grace and forgiveness, the Love that covers over many sins.
What I like about Claudia’s poetry is that it makes you think. It’s not disturbing but rather makes you pause and ponder, consider things on the edge of consciousness.
Claudia also employs blank verse to its full potential. Her poems are crisp and vibrant, painting pictures with carefully chose words.
My favourite poem can be found on page 44 and is entitled “Flowing Thoughts”. I find most poetry refreshes and inspires me. And in nearly every collection there is one poem that lifts me, gives me a fresh breath of light that flows straight through my being. Flowing Thoughts does this every time I read it. For me it encapsulates creativity; the binding of words or music and how once composed they become Art, they cannot be decomposed for they remain forever in our memories.
This succinct collection is bilingual, with an Italian translation of each English poem. And at the back of the book there a section of poetry written in Italian.
Highly recommended to all poetry lovers as well as to those looking for something different and inspirational.
If you would like to find out more about Claudia and her poetry, please visit a stream of small stones
Don’t forget that Claudia’s Giveaway ends at midnight on 6th November 2012. To enter please visit Wednesday Words 17th October.
© Freya Pickard 2012
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