Cento – Sky-blue Wisteria

Create a poem;
Scrawls on a blank page –
Shifting perspectives
A beige vase of clay
Tiny ochre leaves
Cranberry clusters
Coppered by the midday sun beams
Welcome the summer.
Worn out leather boots
White mantle of snow
An omen of storm
Peeks from behind the mountains
Moved and deeply inspired
Bring delight to lonely souls.
Pearls of the autumn
Wildly washed
Heals my fears
Stormy rains have gone
Silently sitting
On the sad sea shore
Yearning for closeness
Your sparkling smile
Spreading afloat
An intimate sense of friendship.
Explosion of scents
Artistically projected
Tracks of stardust
Mirrored in the purple hues
Connect divine and concrete
From dawn until dusk.
Praise God for life;
After death there comes life again.
© Freya Pickard 2012
If you would like to read Claudia’s poetry collection, please email her at claudia (dot) messelodi (at) gmail (dot) com
To find out more about Claudia Messelodi, please visit A Stream of Small Stones
Here is my review of Sky Blue Wisteria
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One Comment on “Cento – Sky-blue Wisteria”

  1. Libby Says:

    A well found poem Freya. I love the third stanza.

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