Treading the borders of the supernatural…

Re-reading well-written books is so worthwhile. I forget so much between reads that it is always a pleasure to re-visit old friends and places. I’m talking about That Hideous Strength, the 3rd novel in CS Lewis’ Space Trilogy.
If you struggled with the first two in the series, you will find this one far easier to read. Set “just after WWII” it is a fairy tale for the 1950s but it has as much relevance today as it would have had for Lewis’ original audience. Even if this is the only one you ever read of the trilogy, make sure you read it.
I love the way Lewis blends Pagan beliefs and Christianity, how he treads the borders of the supernatural without getting all silly over it. This is a realistic read but at the same time it is completely fantastical.
The NICE I believe are still going strong here and now in our day and age in various guises. What a pity Merlinus cannot be brought to life again to wreak the vengeance of the gods on them…!
The story centers around Jane, recently married and determined not to have children quite yet. She finds married life lonely, and she and her husband Mark do not get on. She is wondering about love and marriage and what it all really means when she discovers she is dreaming about real events.
Fear is a strong player in Jane’s life and in the end she has a choice; either to find her husband who is now involved with the conspiracies of the NICE, or, to risk everything and join a group of ordinary people at St Anne’s who have, as their leader a man who is said to have visited both Venus and Mars.
The build up is perfect, the plot intriguing and the show down at the end more than you expect it to be.
Read this book and open your mind to possibilities you had never imagined before.
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6 Comments on “Treading the borders of the supernatural…”

  1. SolariC Says:

    I loved Out of the Silent Planet, I enjoyed That Hideous Strength, but I found Perelandra the one I couldn’t take seriously. I think Lewis got a little too involved in the philosophy and religion in that one – and the story suffered consequently.

    Thanks for posting a review of the trilogy, though! It’s nice to see other readers and writers enjoying older books that I’ve also read.

  2. Libby Says:

    I have not read this trilogy though I have read other works by CS Lewis. I’ll have to look them out.

  3. Oooo! Thanks. Now I have something to add to my reading list after I finish “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”

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