Poetry from Paul L White

With dalliance and radiance and sabre in tow,
I balance the Chalice with Swagger’s great Glow.
I cup yon fair Maiden ‘neath dimple and chin,
With scarcest observation of danger within…
For all of my dashing and daring to shine
Ignores Glow of others co-equal to mine.
And thus as I ponder my swagger’s great ruse,
I kneel there before her, all Glory to Lose.
© Paul L White 2013
Paul L White posted this poem on Facebook on 13th March 2013, inspired by my Dragonish Cinquains. It made me laugh so I obtained his permission to post it here.
If you would like to read more of Paul’s work, please visit Heroeswest
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One Comment on “Poetry from Paul L White”

  1. Libby Says:

    I read this on Facebook and loved it then. Nice to re-read it here.

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