From January Fog to Gethsemane…

If you enjoy reading my clippings on this site, then you might be interested in reading my poetry published elsewhere.
January Fog, a blank verse poem, was published in January in #113 of The New Writer
In February I had my first ever villanelle published. You can find Black Cat Creeps in Circle Sanctuary Magazine
And in March I had 4 haiku (about my garden) and my rhythmical poem, Gethsemane, published in Dial 174. To find out more about Dial, please email john (dot) claypole (at) btinternet (dot) com
Thank you for reading my blog. I hope are enjoying my elfje this month…
© Freya Pickard 2013
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2 Comments on “From January Fog to Gethsemane…”

  1. julespaige Says:

    Good for you! I didn’t even get a rejection notice on the haiku contest I entered. But since the time has come and gone…I couldn’t even find who did win. I thought they might at least send an e-mail out with that info. Guess not.

  2. […] From January Fog to Gethsemane… ( […]

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