Review of Everwinter

Welcome back to the final day of Elizabeth Baxter’s Bite Sized Blog Tour…
“The world is not what I thought. I am not what I thought.”
A shift in weather systems force the Ral Torans, a city of engineers and scientists, to build a system of pipes beneath the city walls, in order to heat their homes. Everwinter increases its power, but Bramwell Tully, an engineer, is convinced science will protect them.
When Tomas, a Varissean from the north arrives, and Astrid, the Regal of Chellin, visits Ral Tora, strange events occur, that force Bram to question his perception of reality. “Secrets and lies. Layers of meaning.” This is a recurring phrase throughout the story and Bram initially believes this about politics. By the end of the tale, he realises that it is he who is the lie.
Peopled by strong minded characters, power hungry priests and politicians, the world of Thanderley isn’t not very far removed from our own. The old gods appear malignant, enslaving the world through the enroaching Everwinter. Can science overcome ancient magic? Or is there another way?
We meet Falen again, princess of Variss, the protagonist in Summer Storm. But nothing in this tale is as it seems and although some questions are answered, and others are part answered, the reader is left wanting more as Bram sails north into the heart of Everwinter.
If you enjoyed Circle Spinner and Other Tales, and Summer Storm, you will enjoy this novel too.
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