Wednesday Words – Seed Growth

I feel emptied and hollow like a seed that has softened and died, all its potential growth poured out into new growth, a new beginning; the thing is, I’m not sure where my new growth is…
Can a seed see where its new growth is? No, not in the soil. It’s blind and has to wait. The seed has to die. If it doesn’t die, it won’t grow from a hard capsule full of potential to a soggy mass in the soil. I feel like that sad, soggy outer casing; everything’s trickled out…
But far below the surface roots spread out and new shoots, tiny pale things grow up towards the warmth and sunlight. Roots establish and feed, shoots worship the sun…
Growing in opposite directions – both downwards and upwards. Does the seed ever feel stretched? I do… How does the seed know to put its roots downwards and to seek the light with its pale, thin shoots? How do I know where I’m going next in my writing?
And when the pale shoots break free of the soil, the cluster of leaves, the growing tip points downwards, even though it grows towards the sun. How can it see where it’s growing? Maybe it doesn’t need to. Maybe it just does it by feel, by instinct. What is my instinct? To write, whatever, whenever, however…
© Freya Pickard 2013
Originally posted as separate seed stones in September 2012. Re-blogged today as a cairn, because this is where I’m coming from and moving on from after my Without Words experience…
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6 Comments on “Wednesday Words – Seed Growth”

  1. This very post is all the proof you need to see your growth toward full bloom. One of the most beautiful pieces ever.

  2. julespaige Says:

    I see so many interesting prompts…but try to stay to a select few, knowing that when school starts I will have less time – instinct is a good thing. Know that you can and you will – grow.

  3. Libby Says:

    I hope your strong roots will bring forth new shoots and wonderful blossoms.

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