Wednesday Words – Snippings

Clipping off tips of tomato plants, astonished at how much the plants have grown in less than a week. Cutting carefully, snipping off new shoots at the tops of the plants, encouraging them to fruit lower down. Don’t waste energy in unnecessary growth. Scent of sweet, sticky sap that stains my clothes and skin yellow.
© Freya Pickard 2013
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4 Comments on “Wednesday Words – Snippings”

  1. Home grown tomatoes are the best! 🙂

  2. SolariC Says:

    oh my – this sounds so pleasant. Also, you clearly know more about tomatoes than I do. Mine ran riot this year as I experimented with indeterminates. I’ve got to go to the farmers’ market and ask for better instructions on how to grow the plants! At least I have harvested pounds and pounds of tomatoes, even if the plants aren’t very pretty.

    • I cut mine back severely – I only allow them to grow to head height, that way they produce bigger yet sweeter fruits and don’t take over! (Still need to work out how to control the cucumbers though…!) got gluts of both cucumber and tomatoes… make lots of soup and freeze it I think!

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