tapping, rhythmical
beats, slow, fast
I dance with my
© Freya Pickard 2013
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7 Comments on “Dance”

  1. Elsa Says:

    How do you write Haiku? What are the rules? I’ve noticed a lot of it recently and I thought I’d give it a try :-)!

    • Hi Elsa, Thank you for your query! Haiku consists of 3 lines; first line is 5 syllables, second line is 7 syllables and third line is 5 syllables. This is strict haiku. Most modern haiku allow for less syllables per line but I write traditional English haiku at and invite others as guests on a Wednesday! I’m currently publishing Elfje on my Clippings blog and details on how to write elfje can be found at my friend’s site at In a way, elfje are easier to write than haiku but I try and write both – good practice! Thank you for contacting me! I have enjoyed what I’ve read on your site so far! Much love Freya xxx

  2. Libby Says:

    Lovely, my feet want to dance too!

  3. vicbriggs Says:

    Beauty in simplicity. I always dance with my feet when in public and cannot let my body loose. 🙂 x

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