Wednesday Words – Review: Variations of Sky and Soul

“Variations of Sky and Soul” by Claudia Messelodi reviewed by Freya Pickard
How do you describe something that evokes such strong, emotional responses?
Claudia Messelodi’s second poetry collection continues in its lush, evocative descriptions of nature, but also penetrates the reader’s soul in a challenging way. Her poetry is easy to read, and the layers of meaning open up the more you read her work. This collection is in five parts; haiku, violin haiku, elfje, poems and poesie. The first four sections are in English with Italian translations. The final part consists of poems written in Italian.
I found this collection profoundly more emotional than her first. Maybe this was because I had been going through a difficult time and could identify with some of the emotions she was experiencing as she wrote these poems. She travels from heartache, “harsh memory stones hurt” and tears, “weeping sage leaf”, through desolation in “a wounded heart knows / passion well – a pinched poppy / at the traffic edge” and “my naked feelings / vulnerable as thin leaves, / flags torn by the wind”, to joy, “lemons laugh with joy”, hope, “the sky’s orange shades” and new life, “words forge new worlds.”
There is so much more I want to say about this collection (the ecstasy of the violin haiku, the feeling of loss and love in the poems and the powerful emotions and descriptions of nature in the elfje), but find it hard to put into words exactly how I feel. Please, buy a copy and read it for yourself…
You can buy a copy of Variations (which has been awarded the first place in the “Impressionist Poetry” section of the National Poetry Award Leandro Polverini in Anzio, Rome) from Claudia at claudia.messelodi (at) gmail (dot) com You can read more of her poetry at a stream of small stones If you would like to read one of the haiku from her collection, please visit purehaiku
© Freya Pickard 2013
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