Renga Chain

autumn invite –
written in gold leaf
on the doorstep
the old mouser arriving
in time to play with his food
skeleton leaves stick
to dark mud as I bury
cold empty remains
sinking into the leather
back seat in the limousine
station pick-up
another wreck there
waiting for change
sun glare on the playground slide
not enough slant in your truth
soft dove-grey rainclouds
mute brightness, refract sunlight;
yet still, my heart hopes
a beating drum heralding
an attitude adjustment
carnival dark
the samba dancers
finding their own rhythm
lovers wait for the moon rise
farewell birds and bees …
the lingering aroma
of a pear orchard
I feel free, like trees weeping
leaves to nourish next year’s growth
welly-boots deep
in farmyard litterfall
still, the goat chews
warm days light years away
another load of firewood
deep frost
only the train whistle
breaks the silence
finding the groundskeeper’s house
dead leaves make their own way in
skitter on clay tiles
freeze in attitude, door shuts;
coloured mosaic
the long weathered tesserae
grinding back into clay
Walking Dead season …
shuttering all the windows
and keeping watch
bright candle flame burns slowly
illuminating shadows

Renga is linked-verse poetry. Each verse is inspired by the one before it, but shifts away enough to give the renga a dream-sequence feel. In this poem, Lolly Williams, Wabi Sabi, Freya Pickard, and Joe Llewellyn (of flatfroghaiku) started with autumn as their theme.

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7 Comments on “Renga Chain”

  1. […] edited by Jayde Ashe. And I also took part in a Renga Chain! You can see the end result at Renga And in November, I had an elfje, Bronze, published at Simply […]

  2. My goodness! This was so enthralling! (so many mental pictures)… I’ll bet this creation was also a lot of fun and I will definitely be doing a ‘repeat-read’ for this one – awesome work guys! 🙂

  3. Libby Says:

    This is wonderful. Congrats to all.

  4. […] round shaft of light, circling, they watch November lands. Today I have a Renga Chain posted at clippings Please pop over and let me know what you think! © Freya Pickard […]

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