Wednesday Words – What I Need

I’ve just asked myself this question – what do I NEED right now? Immediately I answered, Space in which to write. Really write.
I have been too complicated in my routine. I know I need to make space for a rest day once a quarter as well as find time to reply to letters and emails. And I also need to plan blog posts and send work out every 6 weeks or so. But the rest of the time I just need to buckle down and write. Write Now! (My motto for 2013). I need to stop worrying about how many copies of my book have been sold or how many people have stopped following my blogs.
The important thing is to write. I have space in my head. I can write. If my head gets clogged up with too many ideas, I know I can spend a week or so without words to clear it. I know where I’m going. Stop making excuses, Freya, and do some writing…
© Freya Pickard 2013
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6 Comments on “Wednesday Words – What I Need”

  1. It is easy to get distracted from writing…writers have curious minds and so we go poking around looking for stuff when it’s all in our head just waiting to be translated into words. Thank you for visiting and following my blog…I find yours interesting,..its’ always great to meet a fellow writer.

  2. rcprice Says:

    I keep telling myself the same thing. Write, Robert, write!

  3. Libby Says:

    There is a time to stop thinking and start doing, it’s always easier to make excuses. Perhaps writing the words down will help clear your mind too! Happy writing.

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