Wednesday Words – a dull moaning voice …

Hey Freya! Loving the story and I absolutely adore Cinquains 2 and 3 hehee! I wonder what would happen if Dracomagan and Parsley go into the castle and explore empty dust and spider web covered rooms holding a dark past (strange clothing, objects, etc.) which eventually leads them to look outside one of the windows from upstairs to see a fog outside around back…they hear a dull moaning voice, following it to a mysterious extension of the castle in which they dig up (somehow) a strange gem that speaks power or weakness to them, but it is entirely up to their actions as to what they are able to use to their advantage or demise throughout their journey. I think that it is so wonderful that you asked for some interaction from your readers who are already enthralled and interested in what happens next. What an awesomely colorful and deeply descriptive tale – my getaway, thanks! C Woodley
The Cinquain 2 made me laugh. Snow 3 is one of my favorite. I really like the vivid description of hiss-click of snowflake hitting the jacket. The episode two of Essence of Thyme is intriguing. I find it amusing about the whole true love thing and the person of Merlin – feels like being drifted to the classics. I don’t know what the two warrior friends will find in the castle but I’m excited to find it out with them. Can’t wait for episode 3. E Choi
Your new story “The Essence of Thyme” sounds interesting. They’re at the edge of a huge forest, scary, exciting, unsure and all at the same time the pair were trying to be brave. I even think there’s a bit of intrepidation there, plus adventure. H Summers
I love reading your stories, so please keep sending me the magazine. I love the description of the snow filling the footprints. T Carr
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3 Comments on “Wednesday Words – a dull moaning voice …”

  1. humour is an essential part of any writing, 🙂

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