Wednesday Words – Chapter Six

By the time we reached the river it was past midday. Clouds had started to build up to the south and the air seemed heavy. Tygar was shying at nothing and at first would not cross the river. I have to admit, it was a rickety old bridge and I really didn’t think it would take the weight of the thirty wagons and all those goats. But it did. Tygar shuffled from side to side as the last herd of goats followed their wagon onto the creaking, swaying structure. The wind had a whine to it that made the hairs on my neck stand up and Tygar’s skin shivered constantly. I kicked him in the sides and he dug his hooves in.
Then an old nanny goat stopped halfway across the bridge and looked back at us. Her bold yellow eyes stared at us and she bleated something to Tygar. It was obviously something highly insulting in animal speak. Tygar squealed with rage and plunged onto the bridge…
This is an excerpt from Chapter Six of my novel Dragonscale Leggings What better way to celebrate St George’s Day than to read my novel?!
You can read the entire first chapter of my book at Feed A Read and there is also an excerpt from Chapter Nine at a previous Wednesday Words blog.
Visit My Books to watch the video and find out more about this novel!.
© Freya Pickard 2014
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2 Comments on “Wednesday Words – Chapter Six”

  1. fantastic description freya.

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