Unused Clippings

I was shocked on 2nd April 2014 when I opened my journal and discovered I hadn’t written in it since 7th March 2014…
As I explained in I’m back … kind of March was really not a good month at all. No writing to speak of.
But out of this difficult time has emerged a new form of poetry to engage my mind. Once I have perfected it, I will share it with you. For now, let it be enough to say that it is very complex and challenges my brain!
As I had not written anything for nearly 4 weeks, I found myself without clippings for this month. So I thought back to what I remembered most (I still noticed things even though I hadn’t written them down) and recalled the sounds and sights of the birds I had seen.
I also looked back to previous journals and discovered plenty of “unused” clippings that had never seen the light of day. So, maybe I’m cheating a little, but you will have to forgive me if sometimes I post what appears to be an “unseasonal” clipping every now and then. I hadn’t realised how relevant some of these ‘unused’ clippings still are to me. It seems a waste not to use them, so when I do not have enough time to compose a clipping for the day, I will be posting an old, unused one…
Thank you for reading my blog. Every like, follow and comment is truly appreciated.
© Freya Pickard 2014
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2 Comments on “Unused Clippings”

  1. Time moves so fast that it is often shocking to realize it has been a long time since we’ve posted a blog, or journaled. I find myself jotting notes in an app on my phone. It works to jog the memory.

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