Wednesday Words – Introducing Interlacements

Claudia Messelodi has recently brought out her third poetry collection, “Interlacements”. Today I am talking to her about what inspired her and why she wrote the poems in this collection.
I am inspired by everyday situations, new friendships, the relationship with my family and with colleagues; nature and the divine element also inspired me to write Interlacements. Interlacements reflects my personal life to a great extent; it unveils the relationship to myself, to the world and to the spiritual dimension, filtered through my eyes and emotions, through the different and sometimes most complicated and delicate moments in life.
Deep strong emotions, both positive and negative ones, often inspire me to write poetry. I have to be moved and profoundly touched in order to write, sometimes even by the smallest and most ordinary things, by memories, intense atmospheres: they simply trigger a flux of emotions inside my being, which, like a volcano eruption, burst out and find their ideal and final place on the blank page. It is a process that leads me to come to terms with my inner intertwined soulscapes.
Through Interlacements I would like to invite people to be more attentive and thoughtful about other human beings, our beloved ones and the world surrounding us, by trying to “put ourselves in other people’s shoes”, seeing things from different standpoints, so as to gain a wider perspective on life and its meaning, and become more tolerant and wholehearted. Furthermore, what I have learnt while writing Interlacements, is to be grateful towards my family, friends and the mystery of life.
If you would like to find out more about Claudia and her poetry, please visit a stream of small stones If you would like to buy “Interlacements”, please contact Claudia at claudia (dot) messelodi (at) gmail (dot) com Next Wednesday she will share an excerpt from her latest poetry collection.
© Freya Pickard 2014
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