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Today I am participating in “My Writing Process” blog tour.
A huge thank you to Sandra Danby for inviting me. Sandra’s first novel, Ignoring Gravity, about two pairs of sisters linked by a generation of secrets, will be published by BNBS Books in September 2014.
I am currently working on a fantastical novel set in a winter-bound kingdom, surrounded by mountains and everlasting snow. It is at the final draft stage and I am tweaking the beginning and end of the first book in the series. Those of you who have read Dragonscale Leggings will recognise one of the characters; Sama Conn. He plays a minor role in Leggings but has a major role to play in this book.
My Winter Tale is different from anything else in the fantasy genre. The story deals with an inner, spiritual journey, rather than a physical one.
I write fantasy, or speculative fiction as I prefer to call it, because it gives me the freedom to explore the thousand “what ifs” that occur to me every day.
I spend a lot of time promoting my work, so my time is limited for new work. I try and write something every day in my journal. At the moment I’m working on a new kind of poetry that I’ve invented myself, writing one verse each day instead of my normal “clippings”. When working on a novel, I type straight onto my computer and never look back until I’ve finished the first draft. Then I forget about it for at least six months before reading it with a critical eye. I re-draft many times, even using my computer now to “read” my work to me, as well reading my MS on my Kindle; using these technologies I pick up more errors than I do if I just read on screen or on paper drafts. My favourite part of the writing process is planning and then writing the first draft of a novel…
My nominations to carry the blog tour on, are: –

Carla Wilson writes out her heart at Secret Scribing Carla is a writer from Southern California. She recently earned an MFA in Creative Writing with emphasis in Fiction from San Diego State University, and her writing has appeared in several journals online and in print, including Fiction International, Poetry International, Black Scat Review, and Sleipnir. Many years ago she was a singer, a college radio DJ, and a coffee barista, among several other things. Today, she enjoys writing short fiction, book reviews, and micro-poetry, and is currently working on her first volume.

Charlene Woodley is a poetry blogger at Brighter Poetics who enjoys free writing, haiku, and rhyme in any format. She is also a guest blogger and article writer who is in the process of constructing her first fictional novel. Most of Charlene’s writing consists of lifestyle concepts, relationships, emotions, and informational content within the previously stated categories. As a full­time stay­at­home­mom, Charlene is compelled to write from the heart and from her life’s experiences.

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5 Comments on “Blog Tour – My Writing Process”

  1. […] thank  fellow blogger and friend Freya Pickard for nominating me. Freya, author of fantasy novel Dragonscale Leggings is also an expert haiku creator whose work can be found at […]

  2. thanks for the great insight.

  3. […] writer Freya Pickard kindly nominated me to participate in the “My Writing Process” blog tour, a tag-team […]

  4. sandradan1 Says:

    I know exactly what you mean about the ‘what if?’ thing, it keeps me writing too. 🙂 SD

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