Wednesday Words – Preface to Interlacements

I was really honoured when Claudia Messelodi asked me to write a Preface for her third poetry collection, “Interlacements”. Instead of featuring a review, as I usually do at this point in a bite sized blog tour, I am, with permission, reproducing my Preface here.
Poetry is always personal.
It is personal for the poet who wrote it; a vital vent for emotion, a crucial expression for observation and inspiration.
It is also personal for the people who read it, who find a similar line of thought or expression of feeling that they themselves are experiencing.
Many poems leave me cold. Not so the poetry of Claudia Messelodi. Her poetry I can re-read over and over, each time finding something new.
Claudia’s first collection of poetry gave us a glimpse of the spiritual seen through nature. Her second collection explored the depths of emotion, particularly love. Now her third collection combines the observations of nature with not only her deep, personal feelings, but also the emotions of others.
Interlacements weaves its way through the mystery of nature, complex emotions of the human soul and simple thanksgiving. Each poem relates to another, nothing is out of place. From the short forms of haiku, elfje and renga, to the longer blank verses, Claudia takes us on a journey of the soul.
Witness the starlit majesty of the moon, plumb the depths of despair, hold your breath as she falls in love, be uplifted as she is comforted and passes that comfort onto others. Lyrical and honest, Interlacements is Claudia’s best collection of poetry so far.
If you would like to find out more about Claudia and her poetry, please visit a stream of small stones If you would like to buy “Interlacements”, please contact Claudia at claudia (dot) messelodi (at) gmail (dot) com
© Freya Pickard 2014
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