Wednesday Words – the legend of dracomagan

Lovely newsletter, Freya… from the cover with its photo and enchanting elfje, to the next (chapter) of Parsley’s adventure! I love the writing and Parsley’s personality just shines! M Negroni
The front cover elfje made me think of lazy summer afternoons and I could almost hear the whirr of insects because of the photo of the dragonfly. The color elfjes are really interesting and alive with your words. My fave is the pure haiku particularly the green-gold memories of trees- such a vivid description of summer! The Essence of Thyme is getting more and more mysterious and exciting… E Choi
Thanks for Dragonscale Clippings, the small poems are a really great aside to the legend of Dracomagan. The haiku is well observed and quite poignant. Do you find it easy to come back to Dracomagan? This was lovely, a nice taster. L Turner
I like your story. It’s terrific! Y Matreyeva
Just as with other episodes I read, my mind is filled with the relevant scenes as if watching a movie. The line “The green darkness that yawned ahead…”, what a unique descriptive lead. I have always found a visual sense most vivid where you are leading me. I am left in no doubt of the surroundings, the conditions, the eeriness, the imminent danger, the characters, the emotions and the humour. S Evans
I enjoyed so much your pieces / excerpts in Clippings Newsletter. C Messelodi
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