Wednesday Words – Excerpt from “The King’s Mage”

Today I am posting an extract from “The King’s Mage” by Elizabeth Baxter…
Rovann woke with a start. Searing agony throbbed in his right arm, sending spears of fire vibrating through his body. For a moment, it consumed him. He couldn’t think straight. He couldn’t see. Couldn’t hear.
But worse was a terrifying realization that he couldn’t breathe. His lungs strained for a breath that wouldn’t come. Something warm pressed against his lips, blocking his airways. Then his sight cleared to reveal a woman’s face close to his. Green eyes burned from a face covered in dirt and grime.
The day’s events flashed through his mind. He and Maegwin confronting Lord Cedric Hounsey only to discover he was already dead, a revenant held in thrall to the Songmaker’s will. The betrayal in Maegwin’s eyes as he, Rovann, invaded her mind to seize her power to enable them to escape.
More images flickered. The storming of Carrow Crossing by Hounsey troops. His vain attempt to hold them off while Captain Tyan, Mage Syrie and the soldiers escaped. The enemy arrow that exploded through his right forearm. Then finally the words Maegwin had whispered to him as he fell into unconsciousness.
Then finally the words Maegwin had whispered to him as he fell into unconsciousness.
Her hand was clamped tight over his mouth and nose.
It’s just you and me now, Rovann. And you’re all mine.
© Elizabeth Baxter 2014

You can buy this novel at The King’s Mage It is available in both Kindle and Paperback editions.

To find out more about Elizabeth Baxter please visit Small Blonde Hippy
Come back next week to read my review of The King’s Mage…
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