Wednesday Words – “The King’s Mage” reviewed

Welcome back to the final day of Elizabeth Baxter’s Bite Sized Blog Tour…
I couldn’t put this book down. I kept making up excuses to sneak off and devour it. Easy to read and with an opening that is “straight in” to the story, I was hooked from the word go.
It’s not always easy to read the middle book of a trilogy. The proper beginning has happened in the first book and the proper ending will happen in the third book. However, The King’s Mage stands well enough alone without having to first read The Last Priestess. Baxter gives enough information without going over old ground to enable the reader to remember what has gone before, or, if they are new to the series, to want to read the first book.
There is a dark edge to Baxter’s writing. The terrifying darkness of Chaos is given form in this story; the mutilated stag, the hideous blood suckers in Roamsford Edge and the insanity of the Songmaker.
Amongst all the gathering doom, there are beacons of hope and light. Rovann and Maegwin find another Sentinel (I want one in my garden!) and meet the awesome Fenris. I like the way the character of Kandar is so misleading at first. Again, nothing is what it seems to be in this vividly drawn world.
And as Rovann and Maegwin get closer to the Songmaker, the shadows grow darker and the threat of unleashed Chaos grows stronger. Full of surprises and twists, this tale is definitely a re-reader.
This is the second book in The Songmaker series; the next book should be out sometime this year!
© Freya Pickard 2014

You can purchase this novel in both e-book and paperback format at The King’s Mage

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