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Writing and Rewriting Online
Nearly eight years ago I started a fiction blog to keep me from rewriting everything to death. Once I adjusted to the format, I posted serial fiction nearly three times a week. My stories found a new pace. For once they moved fast. Every post shot for the end. I slept very little and wrote five to seven hundred words in a day or two. Then I read them out loud, listening for twisted syllables. But I left description, backstory, and a good deal of the characters’ uniqueness for later. (Also, laundry, exercise, and meals.)
My first serials were brisk portraits, often ending in catastrophe. I killed characters for the first time. Initially, people read what I wrote. That revelation took a while to penetrate. Interesting questions popped up in the comments. Often a reader hitting a middle post would ask about the time or what was at stake—bringing everything into focus.
My blog hit a peak and slowly dwindled. Fiction blogs are a hard sell. But for a brief phase, mine worked, leaving me several stories, possibly novels to rewrite—I hope not to death.
You can visit Kathleen’s website at Pure Fiction or follow her on Facebook
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