Inspiration – Dan Hoger

I am inspired to write when my emotions just can’t be contained within me any longer. If I don’t get them out, they will build up and destroy me from the inside out. I write to express how I feel. I communicate with the world through my poetry. It is my way of letting the world know what I am going through.
Putting my thoughts into words helps me make sense of the madness that goes on inside my head and heart. Sometimes it is the only way I can fully understand myself. By writing it all down, it helps me come to terms with whatever my current circumstances are.
The best part is when I write a poem and then read a similar poem that someone else wrote. It reassures me that I am not alone and there are others going through the same thing. It reminds me that I am only human.
By transcribing my emotions into poetry, it helps the process of getting over them and moving on. It is therapeutic and helps my heart begin to heal. I would much rather write everything down than let it bottle up inside me.
Dan is a freelance writer, copyeditor, blogger, screenwriter, and poet. His poetry can be found at Missing The Muse
© Dan Hoger 2014
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