Chapter Fourteen

Ooh Arr’s red face blanched and Rabbit Face disappeared inside again. Tygar ran straight towards the farmer who leapt clumsily out of the way. I flattened myself against the horse’s neck as he galloped straight for the doorway. We came to a muddy halt just before the door, recovered and Tygar reared again, raining blows on the fragile hovel. It collapsed in seconds and I heard a shriek from Rabbit Face as the boards fell in. Tygar was nosing about the rotting planks of wood and suddenly grabbed something that squealed – rather like a trapped rabbit actually. And out came Rabbit Face by the scruff of his neck. Tygar hauled him into the mud, let him fall over and placed a front hoof on his chest.
“That’s enough theatrics,” I told my steed irritably. “What have you got against him? Apart from him somewhat annoying that is.”
Rabbit Face’s teeth chattered loudly and I was aware of the farmers creeping up behind us…
This is an excerpt from my novel Dragonscale Leggings
You can read an excerpt from Chapter Nine at a previous Wednesday Words blog.
Visit My Books to watch the video and find out more about this novel!.
© Freya Pickard 2014
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