Chapter Fifteen

I noticed a wicked looking portcullis hanging above the gates as we drove through. Beyond the gate was a large courtyard filled with knights in armour and servants. No-one could go in or out without at least fifty knights noticing.
The streets stank of refuse and unwashed bodies. The houses were very olde worlde and quaint, all leaning up against each other. There were a lot of eating places and hostelries. I noticed “Merlin’s Magic Tea Rooms” which I thought looked a bit out of place. And there were also several public houses called “Lancelot’s Last Laugh” and “Arthur’s Arms”. I think we took the main road from the gates to the prison. There were lots of narrow side streets leading off the route we took. Then we turned down a side alley and for a moment I caught a glimpse of a turreted, sandstone castle. The side alley twisted and turned and the beautiful castle vanished.
We finally halted outside a dark and drear looking building with no windows. I had a feeling this could be the prison …
This is an excerpt from my novel Dragonscale Leggings
You can read an excerpt from Chapter Nine at a previous Wednesday Words blog.
Visit My Books to watch the video and find out more about this novel!.
© Freya Pickard 2014
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