Wednesday Words – Parchment Poll August 2015

I’m presenting my Parchment Poll slightly differently this time… What do you think?
Brilliant books – will re-read
Lord Hornblower by CS Forester A tale of daring and adultery; Hornblower’s adventures continue to intrigue and inspire. The twists and turns in this tale will keep you guessing right to the last page. Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald An engaging first person narrative leads the reader straight into the story. This is a tale of deception, fraud and adultery. Fascinating reading with an intriguing last line. A thought-provoking and challenging read from CS Lewis in Christian Reflections. Daphne’s Diary #4 2015 Inspiring and refreshing as always! Sinuosita by Claudia Messelodi Utterly delightful! If you enjoy reading haiku – this is the book for you. Daphne’s Diary #5 2015 Amazing and inspirational – so refreshing to read through…
Interesting but probably won’t re-read
Interzone 258 Excellent unicorn story (re’em) but the rest was a bit too bloke-ish for me… Interzone 259 Do I detect an anti Tolkien feel to this magazine? Still very blokey and just didn’t understand the James White Award winning story at all… Commentary on Matthew by RT France Interesting read but not as thought provoking as either CS Lewis or David Pawson. Poems of John Donne These were hard going but interesting. I liked the Divine poems best because I could understand what he was talking about easily. Mslexia #66 Interesting articles as always but oh my goodness, the winning short stories were SO depressing…! Healthy Eating for the Menopause by Dr M Glenville Interesting recipes but the author assumes you are a vegetarian or just eat fish as your main source of protein which is a bit limiting for me…
Bridget Jones’ Diary and The Edge of Reason are still both relevant and entertaining if you need easy-to-read escapist material to dip into. The Letters by Fiona Robyn This is Fiona’s best book in my opinion – I love the character development and the way the plot keeps you guessing until right at the end… Thaw by Fiona Robyn Still as beautiful and as striking on this re-read as it was the first time I read it. The Temp by Serena Macksey Absolutely hilarious but it doesn’t make me miss my temping days at all. Thunder on the Right by Mary Stewart If you need something light and easy to read that’s romantic, try this. The descriptions are lush and vivid.
Currently reading: –
“Daphne” by Justine Picardie
Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?
© Freya Pickard 2015
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10 Comments on “Wednesday Words – Parchment Poll August 2015”

  1. reocochran Says:

    I am more of a detective book or historical fiction story reader but g l ad you found something you enjoy reading. 🙂

    • I have tried detective novels but I just get bored after a while… never tried historical fiction though – will give that a go once I’ve read all the books still sitting on my to read shelf. Thank you for reading!

      • reocochran Says:

        I had a Dad who loved science fiction and 2 of my 3 kids were inspired by his personal journey from being the early “bread winner” at age 11 to becoming a nuclear engineer for NASA. I admire the way you can take off in your fantasy stories to other lands and interesting pieces woven together. 🙂

  2. brucejewett Says:

    Along with the Hornblower series, I earnestly speak up for the Aubrey/Martin series of 20 novels by Patrick O’Brian, beginning with “Master and Commander”. Sort of Jane Austin Goes to Sea.

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