Wednesday Words – Dracomagan

Dracomagan came into existence in the first draft of Dragonscale Leggings, a short story I wrote at college in 1992. She was, initially, an alter ego, a projection of how I wanted to be; confident, always right, determined, strong, not worried about what people think …
Since then, however, I have matured. Dracomagan, however, remains more or less the same, though in recent years she may have mellowed a little. We still share some characteristics; determined, not worried about what people think of us, don’t suffer fool gladly (unless they’re paying our wages), loyal to our friends…
Dracomagan is still temperamental. She disappears for weeks when I’m trying to write about her and when I’m busy writing about something else, she turns up in my dreams and slips into my imagination at the most inconvenient times. When she’s haunting me, I have to write down what she’s telling me. If I don’t, I start to become her, saying rude or inappropriate things to people around me. It seems she is permanently hormonal which is extremely tiring.
However, I wouldn’t be without her, tiresome and unpredictable as she she is. She allows me to express myself thorough her in ways that I couldn’t get away with in real life. Come and join Dracomagan in her diary in Dragonscale Leggings and in my latest short short story about her, The Essence of Thyme in my Newsletter.
© Freya Pickard 2015
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6 Comments on “Wednesday Words – Dracomagan”

  1. Dan Hoger Says:

    Dracomagan sounds awesome! You yourself are awesome as well!

  2. […] you’ll know who I’m talking about. She was my alter ego at one time – visit Creation of Dracomagan to find out how she sprang into existence. Dracomagan is of medium height and slim build; […]

  3. sounds like quite a handful!

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