Wednesday Words – dragon slaying

Dracomagan – who is she?
If you’ve read my novel, Dragonscale Clippings, you’ll know who I’m talking about. She was my alter ego at one time – visit Creation of Dracomagan to find out how she sprang into existence.
Dracomagan is of medium height and slim build; muscular rather than curvy, but not butch. She has long, dark hair that’s always in a mess. She wears long boots, dragonscale leggings and a leather jerkin. Her weapon of choice is a giant double-bladed potato peeler that she carries with her in a cylindrical scabbard slung over her back. She has ice-blue eyes and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Her occupation is officially Dragon Slayer, but she also has experience of slaying lots of other monsters too.
But what does she actually do? Apart from slaying dragons, ogres, goblins and the like?
She did allow me to interview her once, though that wasn’t an entire success. And she did once review Dragonscale Leggings; she’s of the opinion I didn’t get it quite right – what do you think?
Dracomagan finds adventure and conflict wherever she goes. I’ve written many short stories about her and several novellas. She lingers in my mind, nagging me to write more about her. And I will. Recovering from the trauma in 2014 has taken its toll; but wanting to write about my bad-tempered, blunt to the point of rudeness, down-to-earth, brave and loyal heroine, spurs me on to get back my full strength.
Meantime, if you need to find out what Dracomagan is currently getting up to, request my Newsletter and read the First Episode of The Essence of Thyme.
© Freya Pickard 2015
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3 Comments on “Wednesday Words – dragon slaying”

  1. Dan Hoger Says:

    I love how your character comes to life for you – how she is your alter ego. I would do the same with the characters in my novel… providing I ever finish it. *sigh*

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