The Essence of Thyme #14 more comments

I admired and enjoyed “The Essence of Thyme!” I love stories (clippings) that read as if you’re spying through a partially opened door. The story I read gave me an alluring and distinct visual scene; two intriguing characters; a third who within a few sentences become fully awake—and alive. The sly humor throughout made me smile. K Maher
Thank you for sending me your latest Clippings. The current issue is a courageous one as you share your deepest emotions on one of the most challenging parts of your life yet. The words on your poems about colostomy, tumour, chemo is filled with your experiences so vivid that we can almost feel your pain and grief and tiredness yet somewhere along the lines there is hope. The Essence of Thyme is slowly unraveling more answers in the adventures of Dracomagan and Parsley. There might be a little love story in the making. You have a way of keeping your readers coming back for your next instalment. Can’t wait! E Choi
I loved issue nr.14 of Clippings: as usual I found the story very intriguing, I felt really involved whilst reading it. I look forward to receiving your next issue in order to get to know what comes next! I just adore the way you describe the landscape and natural elements in it and the way the characters with all their characteristics and different personalities gradually emerge through the dialogues. As for the short form of poetry, my favorite piece of poetry is Haiku 10, excellent! Thanks for including my Poppies elfje, it was a real honor for me to see it on the cover page! C Messelodi
Want to find out more about “The Essence of Thyme”? Here is the link to the first episode that was published in December 2013. The Essence of Thyme #1 To read the rest of the story, simply email me at dragonscaleclippings (at) gmail (dot) com with “Clippings Request” in the subject line.

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6 Comments on “The Essence of Thyme #14 more comments”

  1. Phoenix Autumn Says:

    I love the newsletter-style publication you have with your story and poetry. That’s a neat idea. And the content is awesome, too!

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