Introducing Freyan Verse

Welcome back to Dragonscale Clippings! I hope you all had a restful and refreshing Christmas break.
To start off the New Year, I would like to introduce you to a new form of poetry that I have invented. It’s called Freyan Verse.
I developed this form a couple of years ago and found it very useful whilst going through cancer and recovery for keeping my brain active. I have to admit I totally neglected it whilst going through chemotherapy though. I write one verse a day, during the week and it helps me focus on just one thing at a time.
Freyan Verse consists of 5 stanzas, each containing 7 lines. The seventh line of verses two and four overlap with line one of verses three and five. Thus, like dragonscales, the verses are interlocked and linked together. There are only a few rules. Verse one is situated in the centre of the poem. It’s the stanza that holds the rest of the poem together. Lines one and seven of each verse contain just one word.
Each poem is designed to be read both vertically and horizontally. You can read each verse separately, and, you can also read the poem as a whole.
Over the next few weeks I will be posting one verse at a time of my freyan verse entitled “Transformed”. Once all the verses have been posted individually, I will then post the full poem.
It’s difficult to explain the shape of the poem so I have posted another full freyan verse at Fishers so you can see what the end result should look like.
If you’d like to give freyan verse a go, please feel free – just so long as you acknowledge that the form is one I invented. Meantime, I hope you enjoy my poem, Transformed…
© Freya Pickard 2016
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28 Comments on “Introducing Freyan Verse”

  1. […] Freya Pickard has invented a poetic structure she calls Freyan Verse: […]

  2. Phoenix Autumn Says:

    Venting your own style of poetry? Very creative! Kudos!

  3. hooray for freyan verse! i think your name is unique and that purpose will be you creating something out of it πŸ™‚ i would like to try it myself!

  4. Fran Ayers Says:

    You are so creative,Freya!!

  5. BroadBlogs Says:

    Look forward to seeing more on what this verse is all about.

  6. […] Freya Pickard has invented a poetic structure she calls Freyan Verse: […]

  7. Oh how inventive, my friend! Being able to read the poetry horizontally and vertically is creative – I am in awe of your inventiveness!

  8. julespaige Says:

    Definitely will have to come back and give it a try when I’m not swamped!

  9. Libby Says:

    Good to have you back and introducing a new poetic form – sounds complex!

  10. Well done but it sounds a little complicated for me. I shall watch eagerly to see how it pans out Freya.

  11. Interesting form πŸ™‚

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