Accursed Lust

following my launch earlier this week of my very own poetic form, Freyan Verse, Frank has produced his own poem – I love it! what do you think?

Francis James Franklin (Alina Meridon)

Freya Pickard has invented a poetic structure she calls Freyan Verse:

Freyan Verse consists of 5 stanzas, each containing 7 lines. The seventh line of verses two and four overlap with line one of verses three and five. … Lines one and seven of each verse contain just one word. Each poem is designed to be read both vertically and horizontally. You can read each verse separately, and, you can also read the poem as a whole.

Being very much a fan of unusual poetic forms, I thought I’d give it a try myself…

passion love
fruit of the living a transcendent consciousness
an ephemeral delight of the world’s spectacular mystery
too swift consumed drink kiss by kiss
and all the more treasured perilous perfection its infinitely varied tastes
nectar of the jealous heart the scarlet that stains the soul is divine and wasted on mortal
blood is life

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12 Comments on “Accursed Lust”

  1. Excellent work! Loving the ‘creative creation’! 😁

  2. BroadBlogs Says:

    These are great! A most excellent job, indeed!

  3. This seems pretty interesting. Will try and give it a go.
    Nicely crafted though 🙂

  4. Libby Says:

    Good one. I haven’t got my head round the structure yet, too busy with other things I guess.

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