Comments on The Essence of Thyme (episodes 4 & 5)

Good to read about Dracomagan again. You haven’t lost your sense of humour or your writing skill. Your imagination is as keen as ever too. I love the names. Your haiku are cleverly composed and thought-provoking. Haiku number 6 could be regarded as a metaphorical reference to being saved from your cancer, with Tygar being your own strength and will to survive. L Turner
Freya, I’m glad I read this twice. I love it, times two and am eager for more. Your “voice” (or words) are always beautiful. But here the scene feels immediate and real. Even in brief exchanges among the characters show fully developed beings with meaningful traits, roles, and tendencies. Their interaction is amusing, natural, and shows shared understanding and affection, referring either to an established relationship or one that has scarcely begun yet feels inevitable. Your story offers an intriguing and unique combination of the familiar and the strange. K Maher
I really enjoyed The Essence of Thyme, the reversed Sleeping Beauty thing worked really well. I also love Dracomagan’s “otherworldliness”. I’d have like to know a bit more about how the castle came to be enchanted – or will that be revealed in the next story? I really liked the idea of the forest really being an over-grown thyme patch. It wasn’t until the end that I realised that was why the “trees” looked so odd, which I love, because I enjoy the resolution of it. “The Oil of Sage” is a great title for the next story. Perhaps that is what is contained in the “green orb” that Parsley was so drawn to in Tym’s chambers? Is Tyme under the control of the witch Nimue? Does the oil of sage keep him under her power? Or by “oil of sage” do we really mean Sage in the context of “wise man”? Perhaps Dracomagan and Parsley need to find the Sage in order to set Tym free? Anyway, just some ideas, perhaps you already know what you want to write! J Poulter
Want to find out more about “The Essence of Thyme”? Here is the link to the first episode that was published in December 2013. The Essence of Thyme #1 To read the rest of the story, simply email me at dragonscaleclippings (at) gmail (dot) com with “Clippings Request” in the subject line. This story will be available to view until 29th February 2016.

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