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Welcome to my blog, Dragonscale Clippings. I had intended to post some more Freyan Verse here on a Wednesday, but unfortunately my immediate family situation is extremely fraught, and time really is an issue. So, instead, as I’ve been getting some new followers recently, I thought I would introduce myself as my pages have recently been updated.

I am Freya Pickard, the author of Dragonscale Leggings. I blog three times a week, posting "clippings" (small observations, also known as fragments or small stones), and on a Wednesday I tend to present a pile of clippings in Wednesday Words. When I’m not blogging here, I’m over at PureHaiku. Although I appreciate that many blogs use pictures and words together, I am a wordsmith and believe my words should stand by themselves to create vivid pictures in my readers’ minds.

I love feedback, so if you have time to Like or Comment, I will return the compliment. I produce a Newsletter four times a year. A new short story, The Oil of Sage, starts this month…

You can follow me at Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Please note that I am a writer first and a blogger second. I moderate all comments and sometimes they can take a week or so to appear. Due to time constraints, I am no longer able to accept blog awards. Thank you for taking the time to read my work.

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