A few weeks ago I posted about all my Free Reads but didn’t get much interest in them. Why? I’ve always been told that you have to have free stuff to give to your followers. Is this a lie? Or is my work just not interesting enough?
So, this week, I’m going to tell you about my writing that you can pay to read! There is, of course, my novel Dragonscale Leggings available in paperback at most online stores.
And, I’ve recently launched a campaign at Patreon. I need money in order to self-publish. I just don’t earn enough to actually be able to pay out for my books to be published. I’m fed up with trying the traditional routes, because one, no one ever gets back to me and two, on the odd occasion I have been offered a contract, I would have earned so little, it wasn’t worth it.
Since having cancer 2 years ago, I am more determined than ever to have my work published. This is why I am now on Patreon to gather patrons who will support me with as little as $1 or $5 a month so that I can afford to get my novels published. In return, I will post on Patreon an unpublished short story and poem for my supporters to read.
You can, at last, “meet” me online. I’ve posted my first ever video, introducing myself at Patreon. I am naturally shy and reserved, and, since having cancer, I have become even more of a recluse. Making the video was extremely painful. The final product came after 3 days of recording. What do you think?
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11 Comments on “Patreon”

  1. how can I support you in patreon?

  2. BRH Says:

    Cool video! Well presented – no sign of nerves! Bravo!

  3. Rob McShane Says:

    You did a great job! Well done and good luck! I do hope you gather loads of supporters! šŸ™‚

  4. Libby Says:

    Great video. Very brave, not sure I could do it! Lovely to see the real you.

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