Sensations of Peace

The scene setting immediately brings sensations of peace; calm after a hard days work. Our interest is peaked by a reference “She” – with a capital, so someone important, significant, powerful. Our sympathies align with Merlin as his carefully constructed peace is shattered. Dracomagan is revealed as the “She” as the dialogue unravels, and each significant character is introduced without ceremony. Dracomagan is clearly a woman on a mission and blessed with the absolute certainty that her word is law and that there is no possibility that her whims will go unfulfilled! An interesting beginning – where will it lead next? J Poulter
I sympathised with Merlin as his peace and intentions were unexpectedly interrupted so accurately expressed by you as many will associate with. I prefer your Freyan Verses to haiku and elfje. For me, they flow better and have more depth. On saying that, I appreciated Haiku 6… S Evans
Enjoyed reading Dragonscale Clippings, looking forward to the next episode of The Oil of Sage. Also liked the haiku and elfje, both of these forms of poetry are new to me and I’m gradually beginning to get to like them. R Wyatt

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