Want me to write guest posts for your site/blog?

do you need someone to write some blog posts for you? (she considers both paid and unpaid…) or do you have articles of interest to contribute to a new magazine? find out more here …


TRhymes 4.8.16

Write to me in sermistabasu@gmail.com and send a copy to sharmishthabasu@Hotmail.com, please! Because I am not very comfortable with gmail’s performance but use it because a lot of things don’t work well in Hotmail.

I am open to both- paid and unpaid, but before you do write that mail let me tell you a few things-

1. I don’t travel at all so no travel blogging for me.

2. I am a perfect nightmare and laughing stock of fashion conscious people and I like that because I will rather be what I am than a mannequin without a soul who thinks polishing her body makes her a goddess and others puny little laughing stock. So no beauty tips from me!

3. I am tech blind- so no tech posts from this woman!

4. I am almost allergic to blood, gore, violence, porn, excessive animal urges so… no gothic, porn etc…

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4 Comments on “Want me to write guest posts for your site/blog?”

  1. thanks and a big hug!

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