Reflections on the Self: Book Reviews & More

and to round this week off, let’s hear from Christy Birmingham once more! (thank you Christy for the mention!) I’m off to check out Book to the Future! xxx

Poetic Parfait

It has been quite the week. Ups and downs, both of which we know accompany the gift of life. And it is a gift.

Let’s focus on the positive, shall we? This week I received not one but TWO new reviews of Versions of the Self. Wow. My latest book has been featured on two blogs this week and both are complementary.

Getting Personal with Poetry

The first one is from talented writer Freya Pickard, who wrote on her Drangonscale Clippings blog,

“What struck me about these poems was the personal nature and themes they explore. This is a poet being honest and unpretentious.”

And that is the line that stuck with me from her review. Why be anyone that you are not? Why put on airs or hide behind a facade? Be YOU, beautiful you.

And I’m so glad that this way of being comes through in my poetry collection.

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2 Comments on “Reflections on the Self: Book Reviews & More”

  1. Christy B Says:

    Thank you for the reblog, Freya! Very kind. This has been quite the week for us both and I’m so glad we’re in the writing journey together xx

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