Vintrig’s Kingdom – £1.99!

For a VERY limited time only!

VINTRIG’S KINGDOM is reduced to just £1.99 at Amazon UK!

This very special offer lasts only until midday on Saturday, 28th January 2017!

Vintrig’s Kingdom is a romance set in a winter-bound kingdom in the far north in a world encompassed by enchantment. Vintrig’s Kingdom is ruled by the Counsellor, who, in the past saved Vintrig’s people from extinction. Within Vintrig’s Castle, the virgin princess, Isu Magan, waits for her Coronation, longing for power and yearning for something more than snow and ice and law books.

When Sama Conn and his musicians arrive at Vintrig’s Castle, a change in the weather affects everyone. Isu fears her feelings towards the musician, knowing she must remain celibate to fulfil her destiny…

There are 2 videos to watch this time! There’s a short black and white film of me talking about the novel and why I wrote it at About Vintrig’s Kingdom and there’s also a technicolor film of me reading an extract from the book at Vintrig’s Kingdom Extract.

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2 Comments on “Vintrig’s Kingdom – £1.99!”

  1. It will be a great story methinks

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