The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories just 99p!

This month’s Special Offer is The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories!

It’s 99p at Amazon UK and Kobo. On Barnes & Noble and iTunes it’s reduced to 99c. And on most of the European Amazon sites the price has also been reduced to 99c.

Although I have requested that Amazon US reduce the price to 99c, the lowest they seem to be able to get it is $1.22 which is still a reasonable reduction from $2.99.

Five tales set in fantastic locations; an arid canyon, a smoke-wreathed ale house, a moonlit sea, a haunted inn and a golf course. Five tales encompassing human emotion; expectations disappointed, self-sacrificing love for the unlovable, will power that overcomes dark enchantment, bravery in the face of evil and fear of the unknown in hum-drum life. Five narrative voices ranging from a young child, a redeemed murderer, a strong-willed young woman, damsels awaiting rescue and a retired banker haunted by death …

Find out more in this short video at You Tube

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© Freya Pickard 2017

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4 Comments on “The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories just 99p!”

  1. milliethom Says:

    Hi Freya. I’ve jut bought the Kindle version of your book, although it will be a while before I can read it. I’ve several novels already on my TBR list. 🙂
    I can never understand why Amazon won’t let me price books as I want. I wanted my book of flash fics to be 99p but the lowest I could have it was 1.49. It has quite a lot of illustrations (photos or Shutterstock images) so perhaps that’s it. Someone mentioned that to get Amazon to let you have a book permanently free, it would need to be on sale at other retailers so they will do price match. Even then they don’t always agree.
    I just wondered whether you had ant thoughts on this, as I’m sure you’re much more efficient at marketing than I am.

    • Hi Millie! I too have been told that to have a book free on Amazon that you have to have it free with other retailers. But I’ve tried this and Amazon just ignores it! I only do free books rarely and they’re usually my short stories. I believe in being paid for my writing! So I really appreciate that you’ve bought the Kindle version of TRR! Thank you! I hope you enjoy it when you get round to reading it. I know what you mean by having to wait to read books – my to read pile is huge! I am just going to reduce my books, once in a while to 99c / 99p everywhere and if Amazon US ignores it, then hopefully people will start buying through other distributors! The only way to make a book free at Amazon US is to use KDP Select but that stops you putting the book with other retailers and seriously reduces the amount of sales you make! I am not doing KDP Select anymore as I feel it is unfair to make a high proportion of my readers wait 3 months before they can get a copy on Kobo/Nook/iTunes etc. I’ve found I’ve sold more copies of my books using both Amazon and other retailers! Hope that helps! Much love xxx

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