Freya Pickard and trying hard to find a recipe…

a huge thank you to Shey for an utterly mad interview at her blog! please check it out and leave a comment!

shehanne moore


I’m not actually a dragon, though I think some people think I am.


Apparently I can be very fierce. My alter ego, Dracomagan, the heroine in Dragonscale Leggings, is a Dragon Slayer, and she is pretty nifty at slaying such monsters with her trusty giant potato peeler.

If I was a dragon, I’d be a beautiful, sleek, blue-scaled good dragon, with an iron-clad agreement with Dracomagan in which she’d agree NOT to try and kill me!


No, I don’t think I’d really want to be a hamster. Why? Because there are too many predators to look out for; cats, dogs, birds, hungry humans… I like to be in control and to be independent – I’d hate to be always on the lookout for someone who might eat me!


Vintrig was the founder of Vintrig’s Kingdom. (Funny, that!) About 966 years ago he travelled with…

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10 Comments on “Freya Pickard and trying hard to find a recipe…”

  1. Christy B Says:

    Such a fun interview, and I agree with you Freya that I wouldn’t want to be a hamstah either!! 😉

  2. macalder02 Says:

    History of children for the elders’ rejoicing. Everything in its place to be fun and with your imagination you make us daydream. A great achievement on your part.

  3. Libby Says:

    Great fun. Thank you for sharing this it has lightened my day.

  4. Thank you for reblogging my honey. The dudes sure enjoyed having you over and you may well yet make their dartboard over that recipe. But that is a good thing cos then they will keep mentioning you xxxxxxx

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