Voting Update

A HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for my book cover, The Rusalka Ritual, in The Ultimate Fantasy Book Cover Competition!
I’ve never done this kind of thing before, so I am really encouraged that readers of this blog have been voting for me!
Stage Two of the contest will take place between 31st March and 7th April. This is where the top ten book covers go for a 2nd round of voting at UFB.
I’m in the process of moving house today, so I have no idea if I have made the top ten or not! If I have, thank you once again for voting for me.
And if it hasn’t made the top ten, I still want to thank you all for voting for me! At least I had a positive experience in the first round!
Find out more about my book at The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories.
Much love Freya xxx
© Freya Pickard 2017
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6 Comments on “Voting Update”

  1. macalder02 Says:

    I am going to find out how it is done and for sure that for the 7th vote I will be able to do it and you will have my vote. I wish you the greatest success because you are a writer who deserves it.

  2. How did ya book cover do?

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