Freya Returns with Reduced Insides!

Hello! It’s me! I’m back! Did you miss me?
I certainly missed all of you! Life has been unbelievably busy and my new business has taken over my life. I am hoping that we’ve made enough money so I can relax a little over the winter months before the mad rush starts again next year!
I’ve got some plans for this autumn that I’m hoping to implement in-between the daily, demanding tasks that now run my life. I’m bringing back my EPod Interviews in October and December. And I can’t promise anything, but, if both time and money permit, I am planning on releasing “Vintrig’s Throne”, (the sequel to Vintrig’s Kingdom).

Right now, my first poetry collection, Insides, is on special offer! It’s just 99p online this month – if you’ve not read it yet, buy it now before the price goes back up to £1.60. And, if you have already read it, please, please, please could you possibly leave a review on Amazon (or wherever you purchased it) about it? Thank you so much!
I am hoping to start catching up with blogs, emails, social media stuff. But please bear with me as it may take a while. I don’t really have any free time at the mo! It’s lovely to be back online once more though and I can’t wait to “see” you all again. Much love Freya xxx
© Freya Pickard 2017
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18 Comments on “Freya Returns with Reduced Insides!”

  1. you have been missed!

  2. Kev Says:

    Hi Freya, good to see you back. Just ordered my copy of Insides. My wife went through cancer last year so I think she may get something out of this too. Take care.

  3. Freya, welcome back! Looking forward to hear from you. God bless!

  4. Christy B Says:

    May your book but a huge success – along with your new business, Freya! ❤

  5. Congratulations and wish you all the very Best.
    Let your book be the best seller.

  6. kim881 Says:

    Lovely to see you back, Freya!

  7. Lovely to see you and so glad your business took off xxxxxx

  8. Marts Says:

    Nice to ‘see’ you’ Freya…

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