Painting with poster paints or water colours is still very theraputic for me.
I started drawing and painting again whilst undergoing cancer and chemo treatment in 2014/15. Nowadays I paint or draw once a week (except in the summer months when I am too busy!) and this helps me to ground myself and focus my mind on something creative.
I call this painting Nebulae because I was writing poetry for my Arturina cycle (as yet unpublished) when I created this picture. What do you think it looks like?
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© Freya Pickard 2018
Have you seen the videos I’ve made about my writing! Check them out at YouTube
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2 Comments on “Nebulae”

  1. Jules Says:

    All artistic pursuits are beautiful. I like your painting as I am a fan of the night and space. Your painting also reminds me of those things that man thinks of as colorless. And then we get images from the space telescopes and find that there is much color there. 🙂

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