EPod Interview – Bill Engleson

Here is the first in my EPod Interview series for 2019! New to my blog and haven’t come across one yet? Check out the back story at Escape Pod Emulations.

OK, who do we have inside this particular meteorite-pocked capsule? The paint’s all chipped and worn away – the person inside must have been in the escape pod for a long while … Ah! Here we go – the door’s open. Hmm, interesting smell – oysters and anchovies? Hello! Who’s this? Welcome back to civilisation, Bill! What items did you take with you?

Cover of LACTH3

  1. Out of the millions of books I might take, my choice would be George Orwell’s first book, Down and Out in Paris and London. In another time, I would have been a wanderer …
  2. A can of anchovies… just in case an anchovie-less pizza floats by.
  3. A case of red wine, any kind, or, if that doesn’t quite fit the formula, at least one bottle.
  4. A cane. I am probably going to need it at some point.
  5. A container of fresh oysters… always loved oysters, raw or cooked.

Bill Engleson is the author of 2 books, one of which, Like a Child to Home, is about Social Work. Bill has a beautifully presented website at Engleson.ca and if you want to “meet” the author himself, check out this short video at YouTube.

Bill is a retired social worker living the country life and waiting for the expected power failure that always comes.

Bill Engleson Author Picture

If you’re on Twitter, Bill can be followed at @billmelaterplea and you can discover more about his other book at Silver Bow Publishing!

Want to get some exposure for your book or artwork? Visit Escape Pod Emulations and contact me with the requested information!

© Freya Pickard 2019

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