Rumour begins …


smudged horizon

slanting sunlight glows

softens this harsh, dangerous


© Freya Pickard 2019

This is just one of my poems describing the mystical landscape of Dartmoor. In my newsletters this year, I’m exploring the terrain, mood and life of this unique moor in south-west England. I’ve used both haiku and elfje to depict the different aspects of Dartmoor which still haunts me …

Clippings March 2019

Clippings March 2019

And it’s not just free poetry you can read in my newsletter! This month, a new story begins, beautifully illustrated by artist Elisa Choi!

Her Majesty, Queen Dracomagan the First was seated on her throne. Perhaps seated was too broad a term to use. She was sprawled on the uncomfortable chair, legs stuck out on the top step, arms hanging loosely over the sides. Her crown was wonky and her long hair tumbled untidily around her face …

And, if you like to get a peek inside a writer’s real life, I’m also writing about how I run a busy Bed & Breakfast in the summer months! Want to read more?

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Clippings June 2019

Clippings June 2019

© Freya Pickard 2019

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